SNACK JACK “Original Flavor”

Extruded 100% green pea snack. Tasty, crispy and crunchy with style. Source of protein, fiber and vitamins.

SNACK JACK “Spicy Volcano Scallops Flavor”

Spicy Volcano Scallops Flavor

SNACK JACK “Chicken Steak with Thai Spicy Dipping Sauce Flavor”

Chicken Steak with Thai Spicy Dipping Sauce Flavor

SNACK JACK “Salt & Chili Prawn Flavor”

Sour, spicy, crunchy and salty taste with prawn aroma for perfect flavor. Enjoy the taste until the last piece of the pack.

SNACK JACK “Japanese Curry Flavor”

Experience the taste and aroma of authentic Japanese curry which go so well with the green pea. 

SNACK JACK “Barbeque Flavor”

Mellow taste with full spices’ aroma. 

SNACK JACK “Chili Sauce and Ketchup Flavor”

Flavorful, finger-licking, spicy and crunchy in Thai style.

SNACK JACK “Chicken Habanero Flavor”

Experience the hotness of Habanero chili pepper, one of the hottest chilies in the world.

SNACK JACK “Shiitake Mushroom Flavor”

Mixed with high-quality carefully-selected Shiitake mushroom. Sweet-smelling, tasty and crunchy. Perfect for everyone including vegans and vegetarians. New choice of vegetarian foods.

SNACK JACK “Nori Wasabi Flavor”

With extra nori to create perfect combination with wasabi, especially for your appetite.

SNACK JACK “Wasabi Flavor”

Strong taste of authentic wasabi. Perfect for Japanese food lovers. Another alternative for vegans and vegetarians.

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